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Tim 'mithro' Ansell

Software Engineer
Tim 'mithro' Ansell is a long time Googler and open source contributor. He is a vocal enthusiast of the Python programming language, so much so that he started a conference dedicated to the topic called PyCon AU.

Tim's long-running efforts have concentrated around making recording and live streaming of conferences cheap and easy to do using FPGA, and more recently he is involved both personally and professionally in making hardware more like software - which means, among other things, enabling open FPGA and ASIC flows.

He also created Tomu, Tim's Open Micro USB - a programmable MCU in your USB port, and it's FPGA sibling, Fomu.

Tim is a co-chair of the RISC-V Soft CPU interest group.

Tim is a veteran speaker, with experience spanning from PyCon AU, through Hackaday SuperCon, FOSSi DialUP RISC-V Summit to various meetups.
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