Roddy Urquhart

Senior Director Marketing
Dr Roddy Urquhart has worked in a number of roles in the semiconductor, EDA and semiconductor IP sectors. Roles have included:
-Senior Director Marketing, Codasip 2020-
-Managing Director, Flicq UK Ltd, 2018-2020
-Director European Development, Codasip 2017-2018
-Vice President Marketing, Cortus, 2011-2016
-Director, Alpha Star Ltd, 2009-2011
- Senior Director Professional Services Europe, Synopsys, 1993-2008

Roddy has been a speaker at a number of academic conferences in the machine learning/pattern recognition/DSP field in the 1980s. More recently he has been a speaker at:
IoT Tech Expo Europe, Berlin, 2019
Design Solution Forum Japan, Yokohama, 2017
IPSoC Conference, Grenoble, 2017
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