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Peng Wu

Futurewei Technologies
Technical VP
Peng Wu is Technical VP for the Programming Technologies domain at Futurewei Technologies. Previously she founded and served as the head of the Programming Technologies Lab at Huawei, one of the first of its kind ina major Chinese company. Prior to that, she was a research staff member at IBM T.J. Watson research center for over a decade. While she has worked on all aspects of programming systems, compiler has always been her technical home. She was trained in the specialty of parallelizing compiler and did the early work on compilation for SIMD architectures. Throughout her career, she has worked on static compilers, language VMs, JIT, and domain-specific code generators. And her work has spanned across many architectures, from SIMD (IBM Power, PS3 CELLBE engine),  Transactional Memory (BG/Q supercomputers), AI accelerators, and most recently to RISC-V. She is currently developing the RISC-V backend for the V8 Javascript engine. She has been active in the PL research community throughout her career, attending technical conferences yearly and serving on numerous program committees. She has published over 30 papers in peer-reviewed conferences including the best paper award in PACT 2012.
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