Gianluca Furano

European Space Agency
On Board Computer Engineer
Gianluca Furano, PhD, works in European Space Agency's Data System Division since 2003. He is in charge for research and development activities and he coordinates ESA activities on on-board artificial intelligence.
Among Gianluca's interest in ESA are on-board computers and their major components, such as space grade microprocessors and support electronics, meeting very stringent requirements in terms of
radiation tolerance, reliability, availability, and safety; key avionics building blocks such as platform mass memories, remote terminal units, on-board buses and data networks; on-board and space to ground data communication protocols including protocol security aspects.
Gianluca also provides support to European standardisation (CCSDS, ECSS) in areas such as telemetry, telecommand and on-board data, wireless and monitoring control interfaces. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, September 3

9:45am PDT

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